Four Flies for Arrow and Melvin


Tony O Sullivans Golden Irish Bumble
Tony O'Sullivans Golden Irish Bumble
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In 2020 I was asked to produce a video for a mix of patterns for Lough Arrow and Lough Melvin.

Starting with a pattern from my good friend Tony O'Sullivan from Cork, who has been dying his own materials using unique methods, and tying flies for 50 years. Tony was kind enough to give me the pattern and supply rich coloured dubbing for his Golden Olive Bumble. This pattern is a great example of true "West of Ireland" Golden Olive colours in the dubbing, hackle and deer hair.

- Hook: Ahrex wet fly FW580 size 10 Thread: Uni 8/0 red.
- Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest dyed Sunburst.
- Rib: UTC hot yellow wire.
- Butt: red seals fur.
- Body: West of Ireland Golden Olive Seals fur.
- Body Hackle: Saddle feather dyed West of Ireland.
- Wing: West of Ireland dyed deer hair.
Front Hackle: Grey Partridge dyed West of Ireland.

The Casey Mangan
The Casey Mangan
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The Casey Mangan is a fly by Joe Crane from Connemara. It was tied for Lough Inagh for Salmon and Sea Trout, and was named after his grand daughter. It's definitely a must if anyone is coming to Ireland fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout on Irish loughs and has accounted for numerous Salmon and Sea Trout on Lough Inagh.

- Hook: Ahrex WetFly FW580 Size 10.
- Thread: Uni Black 8/0.
- Tag: G/B No 5 Floss.
- Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippet Dyed Hot Red.
- Body: Yellow Seal Fur.
- Body Hackle: Yellow First and Wash out Olive and Pearl Flash.
- Head Hackle: Rump Feather Dyed Blue.

The Picric Mayfly
The Picric Mayfly
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The Picric Mayfly is one of my favourite flies during the Mayfly season.

- Hook: Ahrex Wetfly FW580 Size 10.
- Thread: Uni Yellow.
- Tail 1: 11 G/B.
- Tail 2: Pheasant Tail Fibers Dyed Picric.
- Rib: UV Gold Tinsel.
- Body: Picric Seals Fur.
- Body Hackle: Picric Hackle.
- Front Hackle: French Partridge Dyed Picric.

The Perch Fry Dabbler
The Perch Fry Dabbler
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The Perch Fry Dabbler is a pattern which works well in the deeps, especially in Lough Mask for the Daphnia feeders.

- Hook: Ahrex Wetfly FW580 Size 10.
- Thread: Uni 8/0 black.
- Tail: Bronze Mallard.
- Rib: Utc Gold Wire.
- Body: Pearl Green.
- Body Hackle: Pulse 20 UV Hot Orange.
- Wing: Bronze Mallard.
- Cheeks: Pearl Green.

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