A Cast of Flies for Irish Loughs, Midges and Dusters

Nov. 2022

Over the closed season I will be posting a pattern per week for fishing on Irish Loughs. This will include flies for Brown Trout, Seatrout and Salmon. This week's tyings are the Palomino Midge and the Grey Duster.

These are 2 of my favourite flies for fishing when Duckfly are hatching. These patterns account for a lot of fish from Browns to Rainbows for my clients and myself, they constantly take fish.

The Palomino is one of those flies that when the trout are free rising they devour them. I have tyed this fly in different styles from shuttle cock style to parachute style.

The Grey Duster is another one that works during the Midge hatch and a Duckfly hatch. It is my first go to fly when adult Duckfly are around. I have had some great days on Lough Corrib fishing around the back of the Islands on this pattern.

Palomino Midge
Palomino Midge

Dressing for the Palomino Midge:
- Hook: Ahrex 524 size 16-18.
- Thread: Uni 8/0 black.
- Body: Black Chenille.
- Parachute post: CDC.
- Hackle: Badger Cock.
- Thorax: Black Seal Fur.

Grey Duster
Grey Duster

Dressing for the Grey Duster:
- Hook: Kamasan B130 size 10.
- Hook: Fulling Mills All Purpose size 14.
- Thread: Uni 8/0 Black.
- Body: Under body of Rabbit Grey.
- Hackle: Natural Badger cock.

See you in 2023

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Tight lines,

Jackie Mahon

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