The Final Cast of 2022

A lively day on Lough Arrow at season end

Oct. 2022

It has been a long season with guiding and fly tying. It all finished for me on the 28th of September guiding on the lovely Lough Arrow with David Flynn and Scottish Angler Ewan McGregor. The day started off well with the first drift of the morning moving two browns and landing one nice fish around the 2lb weight. Ewan then hooked a fish that between the three of us we reckon was well over the 5lb weight.

We moved to another area of the lake which is one of my favorite spots and holds some large brownies. We were not long drifting when David hooked a nice fish on one of my stimulators, which David called the terminator, unlucky for David another one got away.

Not long after that Ewan bends the rod into a cracking brown trout. One of Arrows beloved fish. When we landed the trout Ewans smile said it all, this made my day to see another angler enjoying one of Arrows hard fighting browns which was caught on one of my flies called the "Informer Dabbler" which will be listed in the Fulling Mills collection for 2023.

Ewan Playing a Trout

After a quick picture we released the trout back into the wilds of Lough Arrow. We decided to continue drifting in that area hoping to pull another brown, but it was not meant to be.

We decided to head for lunch, all we could talk about was the big one that got away. Ewan took out his hip flask and we toasted fishing, friendship and a great season. We all knew it was time to hit the water again. I decided to try over at the thumbs with a cold north western wind blowing now. I set the boat on the drift straight away the trout took the Informer Dabbler and David landed this one.

I asked if one of the lads would be willing to try an Airflow DI3 sweep line for a while. Ewan decided to give it a go. We fished hard for a few more hours only for some half hearted chances. With the wind feeling a lot colder and stronger we decided to stop for the day and finish off with the last hail Mary cast over at the Flag of Aghanagh.

We finished with three nice browns and a good few misses. Here is to the 2023 season and we're looking forward to it, meeting and making new friends which is what fishing is all about.

See you in 2023

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Tight lines,

Jackie Mahon

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