New Patterns and meeting old friends at the Irish Fly Fair

Nov. 2023

What a fantastic weekend tying at the Irish fly Fair tying on behalf of the Fulling Mill Team. First of all I would like to thank Steve and Elaine Munn for all their hard work in organising this event. It was just a brilliant weekend from start to finish and tying with over 70 fly tyers from around the world. Secondly I would like to thank everyone at Fulling Mill for putting their trust in me to be part of the team, it's a great honour.

I'd like to thank everyone that stopped by to say hello and watch me tying, and thank you as well to the 2 tyers that I sat beside on "Fly Tyers Row" for the two days; Fergal Collery and Anthony McCann, thanks boys the "craic" was just brilliant.

On Saturday I spent my day tying CDC Mayflies, Dabblers with micro dubbings, and Parachute Olives; all of which are a must to have in your box for Irish loughs. On Sunday my day was spent tying Dabblers and Sedge patterns from button sedges to Chocolate drops, these are a must to have in your box for later in the season. All of the flies that I tyed over the weekend are from materials from the new Fulling mill range, all of which can be purchased directly from Fulling Mill or your nearest Fulling Mill stockist.

Some success late in the season on the new patterns

Some success late in the season on the new patterns!

For my next outing I am heading to Italy on the 3rd and 4th of February with the Fulling Mill team, tying at the Pescare International Fishing fair on behalf of Fulling Mill, bringing some Irish style patterns to show over the two days.

UV Irish Golden Dabbler
UV Irish Golden Dabbler

Dressing for the UV Irish Golden Dabbler:
- Hook: Fulling Mill 1530 competition heavy weight
- Tail: Fulling Mill Marabou Orange
- Body Dubbing: Fulling Mill UV Golden Olive

Jackie's CDC Mayfly
Jackie's CDC Mayfly

Dressing for Jackie's CDC Mayfly:
- Hook: Fulling Mill 1550 all purpose medium
- Tail: Fulling Mill Bucktail Tan
- Body Dubbing: Fulling Mill CDC pale yellow
- Hackle: Fulling Mill CDC olive
- Wing: Fulling Mill natural grey

Parachute Olive
Parachute Olive

Dressing for the Parachute Olive:
- Hook: Fulling Mill 1130 light weight Grub
- Body: Fulling Mill goose biot sooty olive
- Post: Fulling Mill ultra dry yarn Dark dun

Jackie's Hatching Button Sedge
Jackie's Hatching Button Sedge

Dressing for Jackie's Hatching Button Sedge:
- Hook: Fulling Mill 1160 grub
- Body: Fulling Mill ultra dry yarn tyed as a bubble, over mixed seal X dubbings yellow and brown
- Wing: Fulling Mill CDC rusty brown

See you in 2023

For guided fishing please use my contact page to get in touch. Now taking bookings for the 2024 season.

Tight lines,

Jackie Mahon

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